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Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: Polygon Games

ASTA is a free to play MMORPG where players can explore a wonderfully detailed fantasy world when a fallen goddess wishes to return to Nirvana, the goal would spell the end of the world of Samsara and so the legions of Nirvana lead by the Eight Tigrams rose up to put an end to her attempts and drive back her dark army. In her defeat she was torn in two, her pieces separated and the result created the two realms of Samsure; Asu and Ora. These two realms have brought forth the two main factions in the game, each of which has three main races; for Asu, the realm where the Wheel of Life is prominent it is the Humans, Draconians and Tigerians that are the dominant force, but in Ora, the world of the dead, the Humans, Yayo and Ogres rule all.

Depending on the players choice of race they are limited by their gender and class choice (such as Draconians only being male warriors), there are in total 5 classes available, each with their own skills that are unlocked as players gain XP and level up: Warrior, Rogue, Archer, Mage and Healer. Individually each class is capable of supporting itself, but as part of a group every class has a dominate role as support, tank or dps, with party focused content relying on players filling that task.

The game follows very traditional MMORPG features, such as a high level of character customization with lots of appearance options, class choice and even refining abilities with talents once players reach level 10. Questing is the primary focus in the game, they will reward players with XP, items and currency as well as unlocking more information about the world itself through story-arcs, most quests are solo based content but there are various party focused options as well. Some region story-arcs culminate in some form of dungeon and players can choose the difficulty based on whether they are playing solo or with a team. Alternatively players have the option of queuing for dungeons and joining with a group or into a random party, these dungeons are considerably more difficult and provide a greater challenge which culminate with a boss fight that lead to some more powerful loot.

Players don’t have to be in a party to enjoy group content; many areas have open world public events that require players to complete a series of tasks in order, such as killing 20 of a particularly type of NPC, building in difficulty until a boss mob is spawned. Players don’t have to kill all 20 enemies themselves and simply being in the area whilst other players do the job is enough to gain rewards; when the boss is killed rewards are handed out to those that did the most damage and contribute the most during the event. These events typically reward players with gear and Tai Tokens, valuable event currency that can be spent to purchase a variety of rewards such as weapons, armor and mounts.

Other currencies include Contribution Tokens and Veteran Tokens, which act in the same manner as Tai, but are acquired through the various PVP features. Players can enjoy Battleground PVP and queue for it the same as queueing for a Dungeon; players must be level 10 and fight in a team deathmatch based battle where the first team to earn 8000 points by capturing bases or defeating Udu the Destroyer. Alternatively there is the Ogre Playground which acts like a death football match with two teams trying to control a ball and score against the opposition. Players can also fight in the Class Arena in 1 v 1 battles and Team Arena in a team deathmatch with no respawns.

There are various ways to improve your character, either by levelling, enhancing your character by spending cash to roll for random stat upgrades and even acquiring spirits to give players added perks. Gear factors highly into a characters power with new items increasing the primary Attack, HP, Critical and Energy status as well as other sub-stats; players can disenchant magical weapons that they have no use for, as well as enhance their own weapons for a chance to increase their power level (but also a chance to decrease it).

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