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Armored Warfare is a modern day tank shooter MMO, taking a step away from the more traditional WW2 theme players will instead find themselves rolling around modern day battlezones in a variety of modern armored vehicles. The game focuses on team based battles across numerous environments is heavily PVP based with coop battle options using a variety of class based tanks; developed on CryEngine3 the game looks beautiful and has a realistic physics engine where players deal structural and visual damage to their enemies and their surroundings.

There are five available armored tanks to take control of in the game, piloting your own crew and navigating your vehicle players get to choose from the Main Battle Tanks (MBTs), Light Tanks, Tank Destroyers, Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFVs) and Self-Propelled Guns (SPGs). MBTs are the most well armored and toughest class available, with less mobility and a decent firepower it is a well-balanced vehicle suitable for many situations. There are various tanks that fall into the different classes, each with their own stats and figures, and can be stored in the players personal garage and used as the player wishes.

Light Tanks are a faster, more mobile vehicle, but lacks the armor of its MBT counterpart; still putting out significant damage the role of the Light Tank is to outflank their opponent and target their weaker and exposed sides, do damage and then get out. Tank Destroyers have some of the most powerful guns and are typical fast wheeled vehicles, relying more on stealth to account for its extremely vulnerable defenses; but if unnoticed then it can singlehandedly destroy most vehicles it will come across from long ranges. AFVs are scout vehicles, strong view range, extremely fast, small in size so hard to hit, but don’t do much by way of damage output, but are no less a vital addition to a team with their ability to “light up” targets so that they receive camo penalties and are easier to spot by the team. Finally the SPGs, these vehicles are an indirect fire artillery and are the only vehicle capable of firing beyond their own line of sight, launching massive damage dealing shells onto the enemy and ideal for enemies that have dug in, but they will be quickly taken down by any close mobile unit.

Further customization comes in the form of the vehicles’ Commander, Crew, Upgrades and Retrofits; the Command is a special member of the crew that will progress differently to the rest and is able to switch between vehicles bringing with it a variety of boosts and situational benefits that will help in a battle. The crew are recruited for a specific vehicle and attached to it permanently, with their own progression system they are also able to choose from a range of skills that fall into three categories depending on their position: gunner, driver, loader. Upgrades and Retrofits are similar in nature and directly improve a vehicles performance, stats and equips it with various items of gear to give added functionality in battle.

There are currently nine maps in the game ranging from a lost tropical island, an open reactor power plant, an abandoned winter eastern European city map and more; each maps layout has been strategically designed to give players a variety of options and tactics when in battle whether in PVE or PVP.

The game features an extensive PVE Coop mode with missions for players to take on in a 5 man team against the challenging AI opponents; each mission has primary and secondary objectives for the team to try and complete, usually within a given timeframe. The missions feature a “Boss” enemy that has a unique name and are far more difficult than their companions, able to destroy a player easily if engaged without tactics. PVP puts everyone on a more even playing field with the games built in matchmaking system; players will be split into two teams of 15 with a dual objective for every map: capture the enemy base or destroy all the enemy vehicles. Combat is an ebb and flow of intense action and forward planning trying to navigate the minimap, find enemy positions and create tactical decisions to dominate the opposition.

Armored Warfare

MMO Genre: F2P Third Person Tank Shooter
Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: Obsidian Entertainment

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Armored Warfare
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