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Developed by MGame for Windows, ARGO Online is a steampunk sci-fi MMORPG which throws players into a futuristic world, after the fourth World War, where two factions -the tech-savvy Noblians and the nature-inspired Floresslah- are trapped in a logstanding struggle for control of the mysterious and powerful resource known as Earthdium, used as a source of fuel, essential for powering mechanisms, and utilized in variety of other ways throughout the game.

It features 20 huge dungeons to delve into, 80 different territories to explore, 3600 quests to be undertaken, and 10.000 non-player characters (NPCs) for players to speak with on their travels. Players can team up with other faction members from around the world or go solo in skirmishes that span both battlefields and dungeons.

There are eight different classes per faction. The floresslah nation players can choose between: Taurus, Defender, Elementalist, Warlock, Sagittarius, Rogue, Shaman and Druid. And the Noblian nation players can choose between: Warrior, Protector, Scholar, Bombers, Explorer, Chaser, Paladin and Priest.

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