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Platform Availability: Windows
Developed By: XL Games

This free to play fantasy MMORPG is an open sandbox world of adventure with more classic themepark elements that direct players to different areas to encounter new creatures, find new features and progress the storyline through quest-based content. ArcheAge was initially developed for a Korean/Asian audience the game has been ported to the Western market but still retains many of its Asian origins. The game offers classic features at a much larger scale in terms of a huge open world, massive PVP including Castle sieges and naval combat, open world non-instanced housing including castles, farming their own garden and a variety of other features that will truly immerse players in the world.

Within the game players will find four different race, each with their own unique abilities and extensive lore; the Nuians are a “human” looking race that are a conquering nation on their continent though are deeply spiritual and follow tradition, the Elves share the same continent but keep themselves secluded within their deep forests and though they share I from the other races they look for nothing more than an honourable death and typically seek out danger. The Firran are a nomadic cat-like people of the Haranya continent and seek to reclaim their former glory, feeling connected with the natural world they feel every life plays a critical part in the grand scheme of things including the Harani, another “human” native of the continent who are a heroic, practical and family orientated people that look to rebuild the kingdom that they lost.

The game does not follow a traditional class-based system, there are 120 different classes to master by combining powers from the 10 available Skillsets, which players will unlock as they level up, combining three skill sets at level 10 to make their own unique class. The Skillsets range from Vitalism which can be used to heal both players and themselves or cast protection and resurrection spell is, Shadowplay allow the player to incorporate stealth, evasion and high critical chances into their arsenal to Witchcraft that allows players to control enemies and free up their allies, essentially allowing somebody to make a spellcasting crowd control healer that can stealth!

Trade and crafting players a huge part in the game, Trading in particular has been incorporated in a unique way within the game where players can create their own Trade Pack supplies and try to deliver them over land to their own continent or by sea to the other continent. Trade Packs can be crafted, looted or even stole and yield a scalable degree of reward, the further away a Trade Pack is delivered the greater the reward for delivering player. Players can deliver Trade Packs to a Gold Trader for gold currency, Resource Trader for various resources or a Gilda Star Trader (only on the other continent from where your Trade Pack was made) who provide Gilda Stars needed to purchase blueprints for houses, boats and more. Players are able to ambush trade caravans in PVP, the trade routes are dangerous locations and so players must hire mercenaries and other players to help them defend their caravans.

There is a wide choice of different crafting skills available, ranging from Alchemy for various potions and gear enhancements, Tailoring for cloth armour, Mining to gather ore and gems to less traditional skills like Machining which allow players to build vehicles such as ships and gliders, or even Larceny that allows players to steal crops and livestock from player Farmers in their own faction!

Players can construct various buildings in the game, including a variety of personal houses that will appear in the open world once players have claimed land, acquired blueprints and the resources to build it. All houses pay taxes and these are paid to the Lord of the region, however Lordship can actually be claimed by a player if they are able to build a Castle in the area (though limited to “Patron” status accounts and not free players). Such a lucrative position to be in is the source of envy for many opposing Guild’s and players are able to attack and siege enemy castles to destroy them or claim them for themselves.

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