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Arcane Saga is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG developed by CJ Games Global for Windows. Players can encounter brutal, fast paced combat in an immersive game world. Obtain Anima, a spirit seeking the fabled hero, and grow together in power and fame. The game is set in the world of Prius, a planet sealed by the King of the Gods Rashard for its creator’s defiance. It now waits for a foretold hero to rise and free the world from Rashard.

Players can choose their adventures and build their own experiences by choosing to explore the world of Prius through hundreds of open world quests and experiences or delving deep dungeons for new gear. You can even team up with friends and participate in regular Castle Siege events.

In Arcane Saga, you can create ruthless combos. Players can obtain multiple jobs with unique skills then plan and execute their own combos and bonuses. The Job and Combo system creates a unique and fun play style where players choose the rewards. Timing is crucial, but the perks are worth it!

AI-controlled monster are not the only threat in the dangerous world of Prius, and players can sink their teeth in the game's PvP system. You also need to be ready to defend yourself and be on your toes with the open world PvP or make a name for yourself in the PvP Arenas and Castle Siege events. There can be only one Xenor and other players are vying for the same goal.

Arcane Sage delivers a fun and expansive gear system which gives to the player access to a lot of different item types and make them feel, and look, powerful. Players create gear that has randomly assigned gem slots allowing players to socket gear with myriad gems of varying power. The level of customization this offers players is nearly limitless.

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Arcane Saga
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