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MMO Genre: F2P Hero Building MMORPG
Platform Availability: Windows, Linux, Mac and Web Browser
Developed By: PlayWebGame

Anime Pirates is a free to play browser-based MMO RPG based off the popular Japanese animated Manga franchise, One Piece, in the game players will be able to encounter many of their favourite characters in the world as they build up their very own pirate crew. Players will adventure across the land beating and recruiting new members to their crew and going head-to-head against challenging AI and other players in strategic turn-based combat. As well as being accessible through your preferred web browser the game also offers a downloadable client for players.

In the game players are one of thousands of pirate crews that have assembled around the world after the infamous Pirates King Gol D. Roger informed them just prior to being executed that his entire legacy of riches that he had accrued over the years was all hidden in one place. With this proclamation the greed and adventure of every able sailor was sparked and now new crews emerge every day in search of this vast wealth of treasures.

There are six main characters that players can choose from when starting the game: the Summoner, the Archer, the Sword Woman, the Warrior, the Magician and the Gunner, each of which has their own personal background, abilities and style that will typically come into play when choosing which Battle Formation to use. The Battle Formations are the primary strategy that players must learn to master, in combat whether facing the challenging AI opponents or other real-world players, the players main character along with their group of recruited crewmates can be placed into various formations, in doing so they will be leaning towards a specific strategy i.e. a frontline heavy formation filled with defensive characters will be hard to break through whereas a defensively weak but fence of a strong formation could quickly turn a battle. With various formations available as well as each formation offering unique and bonuses such as the Sun Formation increases a crews physical attack and the Ice Formation increases a crews physical defence and a number of other varieties.

The NPC is that a player recruits is a vital component to the game, there are plenty of crew members to find within the game that will assist you and each prospective crew member has their own unique skills, attributes and abilities, which in turn can help mitigate any areas where your own class character is weak. By entering the Bar in every city players are able to glance over all the available Crew that can be recruited and what their requirements are before they will join you, though a new member can only join if there is an available position in a players’ Crew Roster and they have the required resources. As well as this players can check out each potential Crew members basic attributes: Strengths, Agility and Intelligence, each of which directly effects secondary attributes such as defences and attacks, and each Crew has a particular talent attribute, their own skill and Rage attack that initiates a special skill that deals huge amounts of damage.

As well as the crew it is of course important to ensure that your Ship is as powerful as possible and there are a variety of technical areas aboard a player’s ship that can be upgraded to give them and their crew additional benefits, with new upgrades dependent on the players level. Players are able to upgrade such rooms as the Master Room where the captain rests, the higher this room is increased the more players will earn from their sailing income, the Training Room enhances partner training and XP gain, the Pets Room enhances XP gain when training pets, the Medical Room directly increases the upper limit of the live slot and reduces the loss of life after a battle.

The game itself is founded on a story driven quest-based game where players will focus most of the time on PvE content facing off against the AI challenges, however many players prefer to compete against each other for the added challenge and the rewards that PVP brings. In the PVP Arena players can weigh up their Strengths of their Crew to see whether they are in with a chance of defeating other players in combat, with a choice of five available player Pirates to choose from if players successfully defeat an opponent that his ranked higher than they will usurp their position. The longer a player can keep a rank, particularly a higher rank, the more rewards they will receive.

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Anime Pirates
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