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Set in a floating fantasy world and developed by Lekool Inc, Angel Wrath is a free-to-play MMORPG playable directly in your browser. Players develop their characters through spirit training, quest exploring and skill learning while making new friends, participating in various social events, teaming up to fight against monsters and NPC bosses and enjoying the game's cute and adorable styled characters, simple game play and compelling storyline. They will also have special mounts, which let them adventure through the game's floating world, and thanks to their wings, they can look more beautiful, flying higher into hidden places. Boasting a new graphic engine, many experts believe Angels Wrath to have the best graphics out in the browser-based ARPG genre.

In Angels Wrath there are 4 unique classes to choose from: Archer, Monk, Dancer and Berserker. Berserkers are good at physical and close range attacks. Use blades as their weapons. Their strong defense and toned body make enemies frightened. Dancers are famous for their magical and ranged attacks and use fans as their weapons. Their strong control and attack power makes enemies shocked. Monks are good at magical and ranged attack. They use wards as their weapons. Only monks possess powerful healing skills. Archers are good at physical and ranged attacks; bow and arrows are their weapons. They often use their high dodge and speedy movement to give enemies a surprise attack.

The game offers all the traditional MMO features like Dungeon system, Arena System, Player Vs Player and Player Vs NPC battles, Equipment, Pet and Mount system, to make players immersed in the game for hours. Moreover, there are some pretty unique features like an escort system which requires players to press arrow keys much like in a dance game, and faction battles and world boss battles where you can fight with other factions or world bosses.

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Angels Wrath
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