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Developed by IGG for windowws, Altis Gates is a turned-based, free to play, 2.5D fantasy MMORPG.It is set in an ancient world of European stories and legends. The stories are set in the land of Altis, a world that takes design cues from European classical architecture, with a modern twist. In the world of Altis Gates, there exists a balance among the 4 naturally occurring elements of Fire, Wind, Earth, and Water. Fire counters Wind, Wind counters Earth, Earth counters Water and Water in turn counters Fire in the cycle of relationships between elements.

There are 2 main Class families, and 3 possible generic Advancements each for a total of 14 Classes (2 Classes, 12 Subclasses) in all. The main classes are Warrior (melee) and Mage (ranged). And the advanced classes are: Gladiator (A sub-class of Warrior that are focused on attack and defense), Combatant (A sub-class of Warrior that focuses on tactics), Black Mage (A sub-class of Mage that specializes in dark, evil magic), White Mage (A sub-class of Mage that gives up the deadly personal power inherent to dark magic in exchange for the much less heralded power of healing, and the strengthening of teammates in battle), Swordsman (A sub-class of Gladiators that have mastered the arcane art of the magic blade and magic shield), Berserker (A sub-class of Gladiator that specializes in pure attacking ability), Gunner (A sub-class of Combatant that favors teamwork), Mechanic (A sub-class of Combatant that specializes in repeating attacks and summoning puppets), Shaman (A sub-class of Black Mage that has mastered magic attacks based on the natural elements), Wizard (These magic-user’s focus on weakening the power of their opponents), Priest (A sub-class of White Mage that specializes in healing) and Cleric (A sub-class of Warrior that specializes in buffs for allies).

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Altis Gates
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