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Air Rivals is a Free2Play Space Shooter MMO, developed by MasangSoft.

Air Rivals is a free to play action packed flight Sim shooter where players take control of their own personal futuristic flying “gears”, militarised aircraft that allow for some amazing aerial acrobatics. With a variety of different maps and modes as well as different Gear classes the game offers variety and a strategic and tactical based shooter gameplay on seen in many other MMO’s with its fast breakneck speed combat and stunt level manoeuvres it is a game that is easy to get into it extremely difficult to master.

Players are able to choose between the two different nations: Bygeniou Faction (BCU) and Arlington Rebel Army (ANI), though at level XI players are able to switch sides if they wish but their final decision is locked in permanently. ANI are a resistance organisation that broke away from Bygeniou and is more commonly known as the Anti-Nationalism Influence, labelled as rebels for working with the Vatallus, the game’s third nation that reside on the planet of Phillon. BCU are the Bygenious City United and is the largest nation on the planet and have the ultimate goal of uniting the entire planet under one government, even if this means oppression of freedom.

When players first up into the game they are able to choose their first Gear, with three out of the four available gears available per player per server, players are able to examine the different classes and their descriptions each with their own unique fight characteristics and ship capabilities. The four classifications of Gears are the A-Gear, I-Gear, B-Gear and M-Gear. The A-Gears’ main capability is that it cannot only fly but can also land on any surface and drive, able to use its Siege Mode skill and turn itself into a stationary anti-air gun. The I-Gear is all about speed and high damage with a strong attack specification and improved evasion capabilities making it also the fastest ship in the game able to outrun almost every missile launched at it. B-Gears hits slow but hits hard and is capable of utilising both its Air Bombing Mode and Ground Bombing Mode. Finally the M-Gear is a strong support class ship able to buff and repair its allies as well as boasting the best defensive stats giving it extra survivability as well as boasting Reverse Engines making it the only ship that can fly backwards.

The main gameplay feature for Air Rivals is PVP where players will be able to fly around and explore a completely open world that also has open world PVP, where the only instanced battles that take place are in the Arena. Arena matches consist of two teams made up of players from different servers and nations, allowing them to come together for a team based death match that allows up to 12 players per team. Aside from the Arena there are also a variety of PVP Events such as the Outpost War, the Mothership Wall and the Strategic Point War which happens randomly across the game when none of the other Wars are currently active and last for one hour where players must either destroy or defend a Strategic Point depending on which nations territory the point spawns in.

Although PVP is the main focus of the game players have the option of checking out the Infinity Field which acts as an instanced based dungeon for the game with three dungeons available from level 20 up to level 110, where the amount of experience gained and the probability/amount of item drops increases so as the players grow in strength their rewards get even better. There are a variety of different ways that players can upgrade their Gears using the other features that players can get involved in such as the Legend System that gives players specialised weapons and armour, crafting recipes and earning War Points through PVP that can be spent in the War Point Shop to buy unique items. As well as gaining gear, XP and points players will also gain ranking with their combat successes which allows players to compete for World Ranking which displays the ranks of the players from all across the world on each server.

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Air Rivals
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