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Age of Wulin is a free-to-play martial arts MMORPG developed by Snail Game set in the medieval China. The game includes 27 regions that represents all geographical areas of China, with an amazing 130 km² of open world to explore, and that doesn’t even include instanced areas.

In the game players can choose between eight different factions or Schools: Beggar, Tang Clan, Scholar's Academy, Royal Guard, Shaolin, Wudang, Emei and Wanderer's Valley, and develop their characters and learn new skills. Age of Wulin does not feature the typical class or leveling system, so you can train all the skills that you want, with the restriction of the unique Internal Skills of each School.

Players will receive experience by completing all kind of tasks, including gathering, crafting and combat; this experience will become cultivation points as you spend time in the game, and you can use these points to improve and enhance your skills. The game features other elements such as solo and party dungeons, a crafting system, PvP combat, a housing system, or the possibility of collect mounts.

A unique feature of the game is that your characters are still active in the world of the game when you're not playing. When you're offline, your character can be kidnapped and sold by other players, and any other player can intercept the kidnapper and either rescue or steal your character.

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Age of Wulin
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