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MMO Genre: F2P MMO Strategy
Platform Availability: Windows, Max and Linux
Developed By: Light Vision Interactive

Affected Zone Tactics (AZT) is a free to play MMO strategy where players control their own squad of soldiers in turn based combat against other real world players, using customized units and in game tactics players have to capture the map flags as they fight solo or with friends. The engaging graphics and isometric top down viewpoint provides a real tactical feel to the game as players watch over as the Commander of their military forces in exciting coo-op battles.

In the 1940s a device was made by scientists based on the findings of Nikola Tesla that experimented with teleportation, in this time a huge portal was constructed that transported users to a foreign world. Whether this new land is another planet, a parallel world or an undiscovered part of our own planet no one knows, but the only way to this place is through the portal. With the discovery of the blue crystal known as Telarium, a unique resources that has untold potential for the masses amounts of energy it can give out, thousands have passed through the portal seeking out their fortune. On the other side all anyone now faces is a warzone; groups have assembled to recover the resource including mercenary groups working for greedy corporations, gangs of criminals and mutants from the first settlers, but they are not the only inhabitants as native monsters emerge from beneath the ground for those who will risk their lives, and take those of others, to find their fortune.

In the game players control one or more units in a squad and go head to head against another team, each unit is equipped with its own unique gear from a range of weapons, grenades and abilities that are purchased with earned game currency or bought with Premium paid for currency. The objective in each map is to capture flags scattered across the map, converting a flag to your teams colour gives points every turn and the first team to reach 5000 points or eliminate all the enemy soldiers, is the winner.

Each turn a player has a certain number of action points they can spend to perform manoeuvres with their units, whether moving, taking cover or making attacks. Units can perform a number of basic actions such as running, which takes up more actions, going prone, hiding behind various terrain features, or firing at visible enemy targets and hurling grenades. Each unit has a health bar and so taking cover and moving with caution is important when trying to outmanoeuvre the enemy or head into the open to capture on of the five flags, which is done so by passing over the area as part of a units movement.

One of the key features of combat is line of sight, as units move positions from cover to cover then they remain hidden from the enemy team and vice versa, providing they stay in cover, firing at the enemy can reveal a unit and give away their position. As it isn’t possible to always be able to account where enemy units are then players must be cautious on their approach, and watch their rear for enemies circling to flank them. The primary strategy of the game is trying to out-think your opponent, predict where they are based on nearby cover, and flush them out or reposition your own troops to launch ambushes and sneak tactics. With a variety of maps players can master their tactics and learn the fine points of each location, take advantage of interior and exterior locations and seek out the best spots to put their plans into action.

Players will increase their account based military rank and in turn unlock available upgrades, using the barracks to equip better equipment, which will ultimately improve your mercenary’s rank to make them a more competent unit in battle. Using research new weapons of war can be made available, ranging from pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and grenades, giving extra options when in combat, as well as players can choose from 4 classes of mercenary and 12 different specializations, offering a wider range of strategy in battles.

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Affected Zone
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