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Developed by Neonga for Internet Browsers, A Mystical Land is a free to play, browser-based, fantasy 3D MMO that combines elements of casual Facebook games with traditional MMOs. The game lets you have all kinds of adventures together with thousands of other players in an enormous fantasy world. Players can keep many animals and plant vegetables in their house and garden. Players may fight and defeat monsters, accept quests to earn rewards and improve their character.
It features a fantastic world full of adventures, cooperative gaming with thousands of other players, considerable crafting features (fishing, mining, collecting, cooking etc.), traditional fantasy role-playing classes like Wizards, Warriors, Archers, and Healers; and availability to play on web browsers and Facebook.

The game exploits the Facebook Connect viral features allowing players to easily find their Facebook friends in the game and to publish achievements and news via Facebook. With the extensive Facebook integration, “A Mystical Land” offers a full-scale MMO experience for the first time, including the interaction with countless people in the world and consequently also a lively community from the first minute of playing. This way, A Mystical Land brings together what belongs together: an online game with countless social features and Facebook, the most popular social network in the world.

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A Mystical Land
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