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ACE Online is a 3D space shooter that combines action and MMORPG
elements. Developed by Yedang Online, one of Korea's most renowned
gaming enterprises, the game puts players in the role of fighter
pilots and behind the controls of ships known as "Gears". As the
player battles in this intergalactic world at war, they will complete
missions and engage other players in intense aerial dogfights.

ACE Online injects action and shooting elements into the traditional
MMORPG formula. Players have complete control over their gear and must
engage enemies directly in combat - relying on quick shooting and
skillful maneuvering in order to survive. As players progress through
the game, they acquire credits which can be used in the game's item
shop to purchase hundreds of customizable weapons and add-ons for
their "gear". Players can then fly their "gear" into immense online
space battles as part of ACE Online's "Nation Wars" PvP system. These
RPG elements add a layer of personal customization and multiplayer
strategy to ACE Online's already action-packed gameplay. Through the
blend of these two gameplay genres, ACE Online offers a fully unique
and unrivaled MMO experience.

Key Features of ACE Online:
- Free to download and free to play, no monthly subscription fee
- Inventive mix of MMORPG strategy and social elements with
action-packed aerial combat
- Four unique "Gears" to choose from, each with its own unique
strengths and weaknesses
- Deep leveling and gear customization systems - literally hundreds of
customizable weapons and add-ons
- Nations Wars PvP Combat - engage other players and nations in massive air battles
- Voice Chat - communicate with squad-mates in-game

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ACE Online
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