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Developed by IGG Inc for Windows, 2029 Online is a sci-fi free to play based RTS title that features some familiar RPG elements in combat. The environment in 2029 world is as diverse as the options for combat. Encompassing a huge world with a lot of different landscapes and terrain, there is plenty of room for exploration lasting days on end. Cross the wide open plains, cut a path through the dense forests, venture to the molten edges of volcanoes, fight the searing heat of the desert and brave the frostbitten glaciers.

The story of 2029 Online centers around a galactic inter-species discord on an alien planet called Helen Continent. Conflict has become entrenched, as each culture refuses to back down and fights for its own survival and domination. Choose your race between: Humans (forced to leave their motherland behind and travelled to Helen Continent to carve out a new existence), Driads (forest residents feature some truly extraordinary traits. They are readily identifiable as giants), and Electronic Elves (conceited and gloomy and their disdainful attitude often engenders hostility from other races).

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2029 Online
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