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Imagine a world without physical limitations. A world where skill with your mind is as powerful as skill with a blade. A world where imagination and courage shape your destiny.

Become a great warrior fighting monsters and human enemies. Make friends and go adventuring. Rise to rule the destiny of a Great House. Become a wise and sought after Teacher and Mentor. Find romance. Play politics and intrigue endlessly for advantage and position.

In Reclamation everyone you meet is played by a real person. Each Great House is operated by human Rulers and Guardians. Each Quest you receive is written just for you by a human Teacher. Each adventure is shaped by the beliefs and desires of human players. Join us in the City of Dreams for an adventure in true Role Playing.

Reclamation is a massively multi-player online role-playing game with an emphasis on the power of role-playing in a unique and immersive world. We welcome you to join us for an experience that is beyond the norm.

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